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  1. All of our Coders are ICD10 Certified.
  2. All of our Coders are Certified Professional Coders by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).
  3. Our Certified Coders are continuously required to be up-to-date with their CEU’s and coding updates in accordance with AAPC.
  4. Our Certified Coders educate our clients on supporting documentation to bill properly and ethically.
  5. Our Certified Coders know how to link the correct diagnosis/modifier to the correct procedure code to get the proper and maximum reimbursement.
  6. If your practice is using EMR and charge passing, we are your second set of eyes to double check the efficiency of coding.
  7. Documentation is the key! If you did not document, you did not perform the service


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Healthcare is changing, to keep up and stay ahead of the changes is very difficult. We are here to take the stress of coding, billing and collecting out of your office. We listen and respect your practices needs, while following all applicable laws and rules that our certification enforces. Our reputation is based on honesty, loyalty, client satisfaction and , of course, results that exceed your expectations.

Faster Collections and Increased Renevue.